Awards & Accolades

Photographic Classic Nail "POP" - 1st Place 

Gel Polish - 2nd Place

2019 Professional Beauty International Nail Championships Winners  

International Manicurist of The Year 2018 Award

Spa Manicure - 1st Place

Photographic Classic Nail "Mystical Creatures" - 2nd Place 

Gel Polish - 2nd Place

30th Anniversary Photo "1988" - 1st Place & Voter's Choice

2018 Professional Beauty International Nail Championships Winners

30th Anniversary Photo "1988" 

Photographic Classic Nail "Mystical Creatures" 

"Here they are; the talented 2017 finalists hoping to shine later next month and be crowned a Scratch Star. "

International Manicurist of The Year 2017 Award

Spa Manicure - 1st Place

Photographic Classic Nail "Chinese New Year" - 1st Place 

Gel Polish - 1st Place

2017 Professional Beauty International Nail Championships Winners

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